Premium Content

by David Gagnon Walker

PREMIUM CONTENT is a play about art, consent, polyamory and the internet. It’s a play about boundaries: In relationships, in art, and the grey space where they converge. It’s a play about the difference between a funeral and a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s a play about trying really hard to be really cool.

In an age where you can access anything online, how do you know what is truly good, and what is truly bad? Featuring live video feeds, innovative design, and an ensemble engaging in the impossible, PREMIUM CONTENT is an entirely live performance experience.

Spring 2018 at the Joyce Doolittle Theatre at the Pumphouse

Featuring: Mikaela Cochrane | Zoe Glassman |Vanessa Jette
Evan Medd | Jay Northcott | Joe Perry

Direction: Geoffrey Simon Brown
Production design: Alison Yanota
Sound design: Tori Morrison
Animation and projection design: Tyler Klein Longmire
Intimacy director: Alexis Lerigny
Stage management: Meredith Johnson

Little Red

Created by Major Matt Mason Collective & Eric Rose
in collaboration with Ghost River Theatre

Who's to blame for the big bad wolf?
Youth, violence, sexuality, family, and growing up; a visceral retelling of the Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale set against a modern landscape.

Shadowing, distorting, shattering, and reconstructing the fairy tale form we are asking the questions: Why has this story pervaded across countless cultures and generations? And in an age of rapidly redefined ideas and awareness surrounding sexuality and gender, what does it mean to tell this story today?

Spring 2017 at the West Village Theatre

Starring: Mikaela Cochrane | Zoe Glassman |Charlie Gould
Braden Griffiths | Alexis Lerigny | Evan Medd | Bianca Miranda

Direction: Eric Rose
Scripter: Geoffrey Simon Brown
Assistant director/dramaturgy: Louise Casemore
Music: Patrick Seager
Technical & production management/sound & light design: Thomas Geddes
Stage management: Meredith Johnson
Assistant stage management: Michael Luong
Choreographic intern: Samantha Ketsa
Ghost River intern: Jelena Minshall


By Geoffrey Simon Brown

Rocky and Raine are teenage girls who drink, cut keys, and break into houses. Ben and Ashley need someone to talk to.

Youth, crime, loneliness, love, and growing up; the fear of taking control of our destinies and the things we do to cover it up.

Spring 2014 at the Motel Theatre

Starring: Charlie Gould, Lindsay Mullan, Zoe Glassman, & Stephen Hair
Direction: Mathieu Bourassa, Evan Medd, & Joe Perry
Light, Costume, & Set: Alison Yanota
Sound: Tom Cainer
Stage Management: Olivia Brooks & Brooklyne Alexander
Production Assistance: Taryn Craig & Geoffrey Brown

This project was made possible through InvestYYC


By Greg MacArthur


girls!girls!girls! was written in response to the events surrounding the brutal death of Reena Virk in Victoria, BC, and the Columbine massacre in Colorado, USA. Written in a detached and playful verse, it has been described by Peter Hinton as “a hip-hop nursery-rhyme”. Candy coated, vicious, playful, and raw, the play is a dissection of brutal violence, the desensitization to experience, and the pressures of growing up in a world of social regulation, expectation, and silence.

Spring 2013 at Birds and Stone

“For those interested in an engaging, but challenging, night of live theatre, MMMTC's passionate gang of artists produces some of the best original work in town.”
–Meredith Bailey (Avenue Magazine)

Starring: Alexis Lerigny, Cassidy Waring, Charlie Gould, Erica Anderson, & Evan Medd
Direction: Geoffrey Simon Brown, Joe Perry, & Mathieu Bourassa
Lights, Costume, and Set: Alison Yanota
Sound: Tom Cainer
Stage Management: Kelsey Ledbury & Brooklyne Alexander
Production Assistance: Taryn Craig

This Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC) project was made possible through the financial support of the National Theatre School of Canada (www.ent-nts.ca)


By Geoffrey Simon Brown

Mike and Kyle are unexpectedly pulled into a web of criminal activities after stealing drugs from Kyle’s brother leads them to accidentally kidnap a major drug dealer. Four garbage bags of pot, a bottle of ether, ‘would you rather’, and spiders: Air is a play about morality and fear.

Summer 2015 at Edmonton's Found Festival, Birds and Stone, & Winnipeg Fringe

"Intimate, intense, and authentic."
–Jenna Marynowski (After The House Lights - Edmonton)
"An experience you won't soon forget."
–Louis B Hobson (Calgary Sun)
"Air leaves the audience gasping."
–Wendy King (Winnipeg Free Press)

Starring: Evan Medd, Joe Perry, Tom Cainer, & Geoffrey Simon Brown
Direction: Mathieu Bourassa
Stage Management: Brooklyne Alexander

This Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC) project was made possible through the financial support of the National Theatre School of Canada (www.ent-nts.ca)

Spring 2012 at Birds and Stone

"Air gives this reviewer hope about the future of Calgary's young theatre artists."
–Wil Knoll (Avenue Magazine)

Starring: Evan Medd, Joe Perry, Tom Cainer, & Mathieu Bourassa
Direction: Geoffrey Simon Brown, Alexis Lerigny, & Cassidy Waring
Design: Alison Yanota
Stage Management: Taryn Craig

This Theatre Engaging Communities (TEC) project was made possible through the financial support of the National Theatre School of Canada (www.ent-nts.ca)

This Is Our Youth

By Kenneth Lonergan

Warren steals $15,000 from his father and shows up at Dennis' Upper West Side Apartment. Antique toys, a magnitude of drugs, and the youth to use them how they will. This is the end of our youth.

Summer 2011
Presented at the Calgary and Regina Fringe Festival

“…if Pineapple Express and Rebel Without A Cause got put into a blender.... Seriously – if you can get down to see it, do it! And if you can’t get  down to see it, cancel your plans and then see it.”
–Fanatic Review (Regina Fringe)

Starring: Geoffrey Simon Brown, Randy Burke, & Cassidy Waring
Direction: Evan Medd, Mathieu Bourassa, Tom Cainer, & Alex Brown
Technical Design and Direction: Tom Cainer
Design: MMM Collective


By Geoffrey Simon Brown

Simon and Tom head out on the open road in search of home, freedom, and what it means to be alive. They realize soon enough that nirvana isn’t on the map. Destroy is a play about adventure and a play about greed.

Spring 2011 at the Motel Theatre

"Destroy packs so much good into a small space... full of promise for the future of all involved."
–Craig Palmer (Avenue Magazine)

Starring: Joe Perry, Tyler Millar, Tom Cainer, & Tyler Rambie
Direction: Geoffrey Simon Brown & Evan Medd
Design: Brooklyn Ritchie
Assistant Design: Alison Yanota
Stage Management: Erin Bauer
Voice and Text Coach: Paul Welch
Dialect Coach: Bobbi Goddard
Featuring original music by Tyler Rambie

Original production at Sage’s 2010 Ignite! festival

Starring: Bruce Novakowski, Mathieu Bourassa, Tom Cainer, & Tyler Rambie
Direction: Geoffrey Simon Brown
Design: Brooklyn Ritchie
Stage Management: Kelley Cheetham
Festival Director: Ellen Close
Ignite Production Manager: Paisley Sim