The Major Matt Mason Collective in association with Sage Theatre presents

The Wildfire National Playwriting Competition

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We are pleased to announce the winners of 2019’s Wildfire National Playwriting Competition!

In collaboration with Sage Theatre and the IGNITE! Festival for Emerging Artists we are bringing Calgary a taste of two exciting new plays, one from runner up Jesse LaVercombe from Toronto, and another from our winner Morgan Grau, from Edmonton.

Hallelujah, It's Holly

By Jesse LaVercombe

A Jewish writer's quest to find a miracle worker named Holly brings him to an old Catholic church in Toronto. He becomes involved with a new, technology-driven Christian sect which takes control of the building, affecting the lives of the many recovering addicts who found refuge in the church basement's 12-step programs.

June 13, 2019 - 6:00pm - 7:45pm
Joyce Doolittle Theatre, Pumphouse Theatre

Dramaturgy by Evan Medd

Absolute F*cking Mayhem

By Morgan Grau

In the wake of his father’s untimely death, a young Danish student refuses to accept his uncle’s sudden marriage to his mother. To make matters worse, the father’s ghost begins to speak from beyond of his murderer and the boy’s very sense of reality is called into question.

June 15, 2019 - 9:30pm - 10:30pm
Joyce Doolittle Theatre, Pumphouse Theatre

Directed by Alexander Donovan
Dramaturgy by Evan Medd

Come on out and take in some work from some thrilling up and coming theatrical voices!

More about Wildfire:

What is it?

We want to read awesome plays by young Canadian playwrights and we are willing to offer cash money!

We are looking for playwrights 30 years of age or under to submit fresh, young scripts that embrace risk, grit and evocation.

The two winning scripts selected by our jury receive a cash prize and a staged reading at Sage Theatre's IGNITE! Festival.

What kind of cash prize?

This year, if we make our fundraising goal, we will be awarding our grand prize will be $750 with a runner up prize of $350.

Why do this competition?

We are a scrappy little company that believes the conversation between young theatre artists is vital in order for fresh, exciting theatre to continue in this country.
Over the four years the competition has run we have been able to award over $4,500 to young playwrights across the country as well as stage five workshop readings of winning plays.
All four years of these awards have been solely funded by house parties, online crowd sourcing, and the support of the Sage Theatre.
Thank you to everyone who has helped support Wildfire over the years, we quite literally couldn't do it without you.

It is super important to us that we keep this competition free for all applicants.
If you would like to support this competition and help keep it accessible, donate HERE

Okay! How do I apply?

Applications for Wildfire 2019 are closed.
Stay tuned for news about next year’s competition!

Here's a list of our previous winners:

First Place
David Gagnon Walker - Gobbledygobbledygook
Second Place
Frances Koncan - zahgidiwin/love

First Place
Mx Sly - Serenity Wild
Second Place
Chelsea Woolley - The Exhibition of Extraordinary Oddities and Living Freaks

First Place
Elena Eli Belyea - Cleave
Second Place
Michaela Jeffery - Always