The Major Matt Mason Collective in association with Sage Theatre presents

The Wildfire National Playwriting Competition

What is it?

We want to read awesome plays by young Canadian playwrights and we are willing to offer cash money!

We are looking for playwrights 30 years of age or under to submit fresh, young scripts that embrace risk, grit and evocation.

The winning script(s) selected by our jury will receive a cash prize and a one week development workshop culminating in a performance at the IGNITE Festival in Calgary, Alberta as well as full or partial reimbursement for travel.

We are a scrappy little company that believes the conversation between young theatre artists is vital in order for fresh, exciting theatre to continue in this country.
Over the past three years we have been able to award over $3,500 to young playwrights across the country as well as stage five workshop readings of winning plays at Sage Theatre's IGNITE Festival.
All three years of these awards have been solely funded by house parties, online crowd sourcing, and the support of the IGNITE Festival.
Thank you to everyone who has helped support Wildfire over the years, we quite literally couldn't do it without you.

For more information about Wildfire 2018, STAY TUNED!

Here's a list of our previous winners:

First Place
David Gagnon Walker - Gobbledygobbledygook
Second Place
Francis Koncan - zahgidiwin/love

First Place
Katie Sly - Serenity Wild
Second Place
Chelsea Woolley - The Exhibition of Extraordinary Oddities and Living Freaks

First Place
Elena Belyea - Cleave
Second Place
Michaela Jeffery - Always